Tips for Working Remotely

Remote workers are growing in numbers. As exciting as this mode of working can be, it does come with challenges. Below are some suggestions to follow to ensure success.

Turn off your notifications 

Inc. suggests limiting the number of times you check your email to three so that you can focus on your work. It is far too easy to get sucked into a lost hour or two during the day by taking too many detours along the way.

Limit distractions by shutting the door.

Remote workers will be the first to admit that their family can be very distracting when working from home. That’s why it is important to be firm and explain that when the door is shut, they can’t come in unless it is a dire emergency. Explain what that means. It will take some time at first to get this point across as they test it. But, the family will typically come around if you remain firm and remind them of this rule every time they barge in on you.

Plan ahead

The Ladders recommends planning ahead to prevent WiFi Connection problems. While working remotely means you can travel and work from almost anywhere, that can also spell disaster when WiFi connections prove to be problematic. The best way to avert this type of insurmountable challenge is to plan ahead so that it doesn’t happen.

Stick to a schedule.

Remote workers can fail if they don’t practice self-discipline. Too much freedom can be a big problem for people who struggle with procrastination or find themselves easily diverted. Making a schedule and sticking to it so that you can get your work completed is one way to manage possible distractions. Don’t let anyone talk you into a lengthy, unplanned break that will disrupt your schedule and throw your day off.

Being able to work from anywhere means freedom for travel and some flexibility from the 9 to 5 routine. Not everyone can do it. But, with some rules in place, it can open up a whole new way of working.

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